GPTfy Privacy, Ethics, Data Residency, and Compliance for Salesforce + AI

In an environment emphasizing data security, this image symbolizes GPTfy's commitment to privacy, ethics, and compliance within Salesforce AI. It represents GPTfy's solutions for bias mitigation, data residency, and accurate AI outputs, ensuring organizations navigate the complex landscape of data regulations globally while maintaining the integrity and reliability of their AI applications.
GPTfy Privacy, Ethics, Data Residency, and Compliance for Salesforce + AI​

60% of consumers are concerned about how organizations use AI today

Considering the need to address concerns surrounding AI data privacy and compliance, they can’t be blamed.

But that’s for consumers…

For you, at an enterprise level, navigating the AI dimension with Salesforce can be complex.

If you’re looking to understand the challenges and solutions around privacy, ethics, and compliance, you’re in the right place.

GPTfy: Salesforce+AI Considerations

GPTfy, brought to you by Cloud Compliance, is designed to seamlessly bring AI, like ChatGPT, Bard, Cohere, Bloomberg, and such, into your Salesforce environment. 

It ensures that AI functionalities are delivered securely, quickly, and in compliance with various regulations.

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Here’s a list of the most important angles, apart from security, you need to consider before investing in AI for your Salesforce by GPTfy –

  • Regional Privacy law compliance: GDPR, CPRA, PDPB, etc.

  • Ethical considerations: Bias, Hallucinations, etc.

  • Data Residency

  • Other Data requirements

Comply with Regional Privacy Laws - GDPR, CPRA, PDPB, and more

Understanding and adhering to regional privacy laws is crucial unless you’re rich enough to not worry about fines.

GPTfy simplifies this process, ensuring your Salesforce integration remains compliant across borders.

Two-step guidelines for AI utilization in compliance with regional laws and customer data processing limits
Comply with Regional Privacy Laws - GDPR, CPRA, PDPB, and more

You Control Who Has Access to AI

You can decide which users can access AI based on their location. Limit AI processing based on customer data, region, or even consent.

You can also configure specific prompts for user profiles or record types, ensuring AI is only applied in line with your policies.

Automate AI Retention per Your Retention Policy

Set your data retention policies, and GPTfy will handle the rest. Whether you want zero data retention or a 30-day policy, GPTfy ensures data is deleted once the timeframe is up.

Address Ethical Considerations: Bias

When it comes to AI, ethical considerations like bias can’t be overlooked. GPTfy provides features that can help you address and mitigate potential biases in AI outputs.

Guidelines for ethical AI use in business, including the initial avoidance of fully automated AI
The ideal solution to prevent Bias

Get a Complete AI Security Audit Trail

You need to ensure a human always reviews AI outputs. Regularly audit data and train your team to spot biases. 

With GPTfy’s audit trail, you can see every piece of information extracted, masked, and sent to your AI.

Address Ethical Considerations: Hallucination

No trust = No business! AI outputs need to be accurate and reliable. GPTfy ensures that your AI doesn’t produce overly imaginative or incorrect results, maintaining the integrity of your data.

Guidelines to Enhance AI Precision, Reduce Misinterpretations
The ideal solution to prevent Hallucinations

Control Your AI's Imagination

You can adjust AI temperature settings to make it more deterministic. Provide clear prompts and ensure accurate data tagging. 

With GPTfy, you can easily adjust these settings, ensuring accurate and relevant AI outputs.

Data Residency Requirements

With data being processed globally, you need to make sure it remains in the correct region. GPTfy offers solutions that cater to these data residency requirements, giving you peace of mind and protecting you from lawsuits.

including options to connect with diverse platforms such as AWS Comprehend, Claude, Cohere.AI, BloombergGPT, Google Bard, and OpenAI/ChatGPT
Connect to different AI providers across geographies

Work with Multi-regional AI for Data Sovereignty

You can choose from multiple AI providers and control where your data is processed.

GPTfy ensures your Salesforce data goes to the right AI instance, complying with data sovereignty laws.

Other Data Compliance Requirements

Beyond regional laws, there are other data compliance requirements to consider. GPTfy’s versatility allows you to easily integrate external data sources, ensuring all-around compliance.

Support for 3rd Party Data Sources & APIs

Web interface showcasing a list of API Data Sources, including D&B, Bloomberg, Explorium,
GPTfy supports 3rd party Data Sources & APIs

You can Integrate external data sources like address standardization or financial information. Ensure compliance with regulations like the Bank Secrets Act. 

GPTfy’s support for third-party APIs makes this a breeze.

Bring Gen AI In Your Salesforce

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get a Free trial of AI in your Salesforce securely and in compliance with regulations?

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In Summary

Highlights in the table below:-

Challenge Requirement GPTfy
Comply with Regional Privacy laws
Comply with laws like GDPR, CPRA, PDPB, and more.
GPTfy allows you to enable selective AI access based on user location.
Prevent Bias in AI
Avoid AI bias by ensuring human oversight.
GPTfy can prevent bias with a human-in-the-loop strategy
Prevent Hallucinations in AI
Control AI's imagination.
GPTfy allows you to configure AI temperature settings easily.
Maintain Data Residency Standards
Adhere to data sovereignty laws.
GPTfy works with multi-regional AI providers, ensuring data is processed in the appropriate region.
Follow Other Data Compliance Requirements
Integrate third-party data and ensure regulations are being followed.
GPTfy supports third-party data sources and APIs, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features of GPTfy:

  • Quick Setup: Salesforce-native solution; set up in under an hour.

  • Secure & Compliant: Processes data on Salesforce before AI servers; GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA compliant.

  • BYOM: Supports ChatGPT, Anthropic, Cohere, Bard, and more.

  • AI for Salesforce: AI-driven automation for sales, customer success, and marketing.

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GPTfy is your one-stop solution for integrating AI with Salesforce. It addresses privacy, ethics, and compliance, ensuring a seamless and secure AI experience.

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