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Your Customer Lifecycle with Salesforce+AI by GPTfy

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Your sales reps may be spending way too much time closing deals…


Your support may be struggling to maintain CSAT… 

Some prominent challenges we heard about from support reps revolve around grunt work affecting CSAT, reps drowning in tools, and rising costs to provide service.

Sales reps shared some issues they face in their line of duty, like time wasted not selling, struggling with documentation, and understanding customer intent.

Explore how AI can help you enhance your customer experience from the early stage – from MQL/SQL – to a customer – with your service and product below.

Six phases of a customer's journey and the areas they focus on:-

  1. Outreach – Initiate Pipeline Growth
  2. Demo/Proposal – Optimize Conversations
  3. Negotiate/Deal-Close – Stakeholder Management
  4. Onboard – Customer Success
  5. Customer Success and Support – Service Excellence
  6. Renewals – Optimize and Upsell
6 phases of customer lifecycle
Six phases of customer lifecycle

Outreach - Initiate Pipeline Growth

Growing the pipeline is the foundation of any successful customer engagement strategy. You improve your outreach messaging with third-party enrichment capabilities that come with Salesforce + AI. 


Reps may face difficulty targeting and capturing potential customers’ attention because their messages lack personalization.

Use Case Sample:

Personalized Emails – Craft emails that resonate with your prospects by utilizing AI. It can help you create meaningful and contextual emails for outreach by analyzing past customer interactions and external data to get better responses.

White Space Analysis – Apply AI to spot sales opportunities by comparing your products and services with public data like financial statements and social media. This enables you to tailor better sales strategies based on customer’s unique needs and goals.

Demo/Proposal - Optimize Conversions

Your reps can optimize conversation by gathering with AI that adds value to your interactions, which is essential for converting leads into loyal customers.


Reps often have to put in a lot of time and effort in gathering meaningful insights to optimize conversations for demos amidst competition and other objections.

Sample Use Cases:

Opportunity Summary – Help your reps understand prospects’ needs better with a comprehensive overview of an opportunity generated with AI.

Sentiment Analysis – Identify trends in customer sentiment with AI based on all past interactions like case comments, emails, chats, etc.

Negotiate/Deal-Close - Stakeholder Management

Your reps can ensure smooth negotiations and fortify customer relationships with AI by effectively managing inputs from stakeholders.


Navigating these multi-stakeholder decisions and price negotiations can get complicated for your reps. 

Sample Use Cases:

Quote / Other Doc. Analysis or Parsing – Simplify quote generation and comparison with AI, ensuring precise negotiation and efficiency and accelerating deal closures.

Account 360° Overview – Get an account 360° overview of cases and all data related to customer accounts with AI.

Onboard - Customer Success

Your reps can ensure a seamless transition between closing a deal and onboarding the customer. AI can help you enhance the onboarding journey by adapting to specific customer account segments.


The onboarding process can be difficult for your reps to handle because of hurdles like territory realignment, limited user engagement, technical difficulties, lack of training, and others.

Sample Use Cases:

Case Summarization – Streamline case summaries with AI and ensure a seamless onboarding experience for customers.

Customer 360° Overview – Get a 360°overview of account summaries to help you train your reps with new territory and make onboarding easy with AI. 

Customer Success and Support - Service Excellence

You can improve customer satisfaction and earn loyalty by understanding their sentiments and the root cause behind their concerns with AI. 


Your reps have to promptly address issues and ensure customer satisfaction to prevent escalations and churn. They may not have the time or resources needed to understand changes in customer sentiment before responding.

Sample Use Cases:

Root Cause Analysis – Identify the root cause behind a reported issue, ensuring quick resolutions and happy customers with AI.

Sentiment Journey – Identify and resolve negative sentiment across customer accounts, renewal opportunities, and new deals with AI.

Renewals - Optimize and Upsell

You can retain and expand customer relationships that are vital for the sustainable growth of your enterprise by utilizing AI.


Unless customer relationships are nurtured by your reps, they can’t be retained. This leads to customer churn and affects the credibility of your business.

Sample Use Cases:

Customer 360° Overview – Gain a holistic view by integrating external data. Analyze customer satisfaction rates, track usage, and discover upselling opportunities.

Sentiment Journey – Identify and resolve negative sentiment across customer accounts, renewal opportunities, and new deals with AI.

The Power of GPTfy AI and Salesforce

With GPTfy AI and Salesforce, you gain a competitive edge:

  • Personalization: Craft compelling outreach that resonates with your prospects.
  • Insights: Access invaluable insights into customer sentiment and interactions.
  • Efficiency: Streamline operations and minimize manual efforts.
  • Proactive Support: Identify and resolve issues before they escalate.
  • Data Enrichment: Tap into external data sources for a holistic Customer 360° view.

Beyond the Phases

Beyond the customer lifecycle, you need to consider a few things that are especially vital for businesses in regulated industries. These are as follows:

ROI – Figure out if AI is truly worth investing in and if it can deliver as promised.

Security– Security is often considered to be the sword AI will fall and die on. Consider all options to secure your AI instance.

Privacy – Understand what you can do to stay compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, CPRA, CCPA, and others.

Ethics– Prevent ethical dilemmas associated with AI bias, toxicity, and hallucination.

Compliance – Learn how to align the AI to comply with regional laws.

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