Generative AI and Salesforce CRM: How to utilize it?

An illustration showcasing the integration of Generative AI with Salesforce CRM, highlighting the transition from manual sales tasks to automated efficiency. GPTfy appears as a pivotal tool, enabling sales professionals to focus more on selling rather than administrative tasks, by leveraging the power of Generative AI within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Generative AI is here and will explode and become part of every industry and revolutionize them. We will see things we have never seen before.

Similarly, sales will heavily depend on generative AIs such as ChatGPT, Writesonic, and others to close more deals and grow the business.

97% of sales professionals believe AI will give more time to selling.

We all know even though sales generate revenue, only 28% of their time spends on selling. Instead, they spend doing manual work such as handling case reports, data entry, tool management, and more.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the number one ranked CRM (customer relationship management) for managing sales and service activities.

It automates the sales, marketing, and service processes, which helps generate more revenue and increase brand loyalty.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI based on the generative pre-trained transformer, which is the full form of GPT.

It is prepared to answer like humans, and it can do a lot of tasks, such as writing paragraphs, answering questions, doing creative writing, summarising, translating, and more.

How can Generative AI help Sales?

Generative AI is a boon in a way, and it has the potential to revamp the sales industry, how it operates, its success rate, and more. Let’s see how it is going to help sales.

Goodbye to the administrative work

No one likes it, but it is an important part of the system and is required because it is helpful in many ways.

For example, it helps in data management, organization, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and compliance.

Sales are one of the areas of business that spend a lot of time in administrative work such as

  1. Manual data entry of customer information and sales data into the CRM.

  2. Maintaining records of Sales transactions, orders, and customer interactions.

  3. Generating reports on Sales performance, revenue, and other key metrics.

  4. Processed customer orders, tracked inventory levels, and ensured timely delivery.

  5. Assisting Sales reps with tasks such as preparing presentations, proposals, and quotes.

  6. Responding to customer queries and resolving issues related to a sales order or delivery.

  7. Documenting sales-related documents such as contracts, invoices, and purchase orders.


Generative AI such as ChatGPT will reduce the administrative load on Sales professionals.

  1. It can automate the data entry in the CRM by learning the historical data and auto-completing the customers’ data in the future. It can interpret the data from the images and text and insert it into the CRM.

  2. It can also help maintain the records through automatic data categorization and organize them according to the categories required. It can also verify the information by cross-referencing the historical CRM data.

  3. It can be integrated with the CRM to automatically update customer data, records, sales orders, inventory, invoices, delivery, and more.

  4. It can also draft the content and create images, charts, and tables from the raw data given in the Prompt for presentations, proposals, and quotes, saving them a lot of time creating content from scratch. Now, they have only to cross-check if it is fine or not.

Enhance Customer interaction

Understanding customer sentiment is crucial, and we must focus on its importance. For example, 

1 in 3 customers will leave after just one bad experience; now you can see how much is at stake. 

All it takes is just one bad experience to switch to your competitor.

Understanding customers helps sales understand customers’ pain points and deliver the best solution to them, understand the negative emotion, and improve in the space your business was unaware of.

 E.g., If your customers face a delay in the delivery of a product even though you claim to be delivered in 30 mins.

You will try to find why it is the best solution to tackle it and provide the product in 30 mins and increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

Earlier, to understand customer sentiment, you have to spend weeks and months on it.

  1. By visiting your customers, how was their experience with your product?

  2. Customer feedback on an online platform such as your website, Google Reviews, yelp, and others.

  3. Analyze the data to identify the patterns, trends, and anomalies regarding your product or service.

  4. Conduct market research to understand the user base, trends, competitors, and customer preferences.

  5. Good old word of mouth.

Now, AI can do all these for you in a single click.

It can analyze customer feedback in your CRM, Google reviews, website, social media platforms, and other platforms and determine your customers’ general sentiment. 

For example, are they happy with your product or service, or must they improve it?

It can also help you generate personalized marketing campaigns according to the customer’s requirements.

Training Sales reps

Fifteen months is when you make a noob sales rep into a pro. And training is important. Without training, you cannot expect your soldiers to win the battle for you.

If you’re investing in training, you’re already better than 57% of your competitors, which can help an individual boost his performance by 20%.

Sales Manager has to spend 25 to 40% of their time on training the young ones, that’s almost 10 hr per week and 200 hr per month. 

They spend this much time giving them scenarios on how to respond and pitch to the customer, giving one-to-one coaching, and allowing them to sit on a call with the customer and observe the sales process firsthand, providing manuals, training, and more.

All of this can be reduced significantly with AI.

Generative AI, such as Chatgpt, can do the following things for them:

  1. Personalized communication that will resonate with your customers will help build stronger relationships and trust in you.

  2. It can give you insights into why something is happening, what trends and patterns you see, and potential opportunities.

  3. It can analyze historical data and predict future revenue, product or service performance, and more.

GPTfy is the new kid on the block for Salesforce users. It runs in Salesforce and is integrated with OpenAI, so you don’t have to worry about moving your data out of the SFDC environment, you can run this within your org, and it will give you the results in a single click.

How will GPTFy help you increase your sales in Salesforce?

In this, we will discuss the scenarios where GPTfy might be useful and assist you in making sales smoother and increasing the selling.

In 2020 we were hit by the covid waves, and in 2022 and ’23, we are going through a wave of layoffs, and it has affected everybody, be it tech, marketing, or sales.

And that has caused an overload on the remaining employees in that department; there are new hires to replace the old ones.

The responsibilities are changed now; one guy is handling more than 3-4 things, which has created extra pressure on him to perform and still complete his goals for the quarter.

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Transfer of Account

Accounts are passed to existing reps; they must handle their and other reps’ customers. So now they have built a relationship with the customer who has been using your products for a few years, and you have to read all their history and stuff to understand them.

With GPTfy, you don’t have to worry about it. Instead, it can summarize the case history and tell you how he has been and their sentiments regarding your product.

You can introduce yourself as a new rep like the existing rep was used to talking to them by mail; GPTfy will add some contextual information to your mail, their hobbies, and stuff, and make it more personalized so that they don’t feel different.

Understand the history of the account

If you’re a new rep or have been assigned someone’s account now, you don’t have to spend hours or weeks understanding their account. 

With the help of GPTfy, you can summarize it and understand their sentiment in one click and get a 360-degree view of all the important information you might need to understand the new account.

Customer Retention

During the end of Q4, many customers will get ready for renewal. And there are opportunities in Salesforce or deals around renewal.

There may be other activities for existing customer accounts where revival may come. However, it has yet to kick in.

And as a new rep, you want to understand if customers are unhappy with existing services. And ensure those are acknowledged and addressed so the renewal is not at risk.

Renewal falls between sales and supporting our customer success. But in many organizations, the sales guy is responsible for renewal. So it is important for them from that perspective.

Challenges of ChatGPT and Why Choose GPTfy?

Every coin has two sides, so Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has a lot of advantages for various industries and disadvantages. We will discuss those and how GPTfy solves them for you.

  1. Security
  2. Prompt training
  3. Inconsistent data and Inaccuracy

Check out how GPTfy is different from other AI Clouds.


You might be thinking, why do I even need it? I can do all this on my go-to ChatGPT or any other generative AIs and get what I want from them.

And you’re correct. You can do that. You can copy 10000s of records, import them into sheets, add them to the Prompt, ask to understand the sentiment or generate a report for me.

But here’s the catch: ChatGPT will access your data; it is open and can use your user’s confidential data to train their language models. 

If your organization is in the EU, US, China, Russia, Turkey, and countries with regulations, then you’re doing a felony; you can not let your customer data out of the system because it is an open invitation for data security and breach and hackers might use it them for wrong purposes. 

All of this will affect your brand trust and loyalty, and we already know how important trust is for customer retention.

Italy has banned ChatGPT because of the privacy policy violation, and Germany is also on the same train, and many EU countries will be on the same train in a few months or years.

If you’re Samsung, then you can do this. They had the same incident. One of the workers put confidential data into ChatGPT; they banned ChatGPT and brought their AI.

So, for small and mid organizations, it may be impossible to get their AI.

We solve this problem for Salesforce Data, where they might copy-paste PII (Personal Identifiable Information) into generative AI to kill grunt work. GPTfy is a Salesforce native integration. First, it masks sensitive PII data. Then, you feed in the Prompt, showing the result with real data.

Check out GPTfy’s Security + Privacy. 

Prompt training

Generating Prompt will create another profession to get the most out of ChatGPT or any generative AI.

Most of us need to improve at giving prompts to AI. You may be in the few, but most of us will never find the desired output.

To make a professional sales expert in giving prompts will be another overhead now; you have to train how to provide prompts to get what you want.

Normally they spend less time selling, but now they spend less time on it until they reach perfection in this art.

With GPTfy, you don’t have to worry about this. Our developer and tech team have expertise in the area, and they feed GPTfy with the prompts that will generate the output that will help you and your customer best.

Check out GPTfy’s Prompt Lifecycle.

Inconsistent and Inaccuracy

Now, ChatGPT is an amazing tool, but everything could be better.

Hence, there are chances of inconsistency and inaccuracy since it is a learning model.

However, it will learn from its past mistakes and become a better version of the previous one.

So we cannot be 100% dependent on generative AI, but we can use it as our assistant and do some verification then we are good to go.


Sales depend on a lot of manual work, making them spend less than 1/3rd of their time doing what they should do.

Generative AI is designed for this kind of work, handling large data, data entry, understanding customer sentiment, generating, and more.

Now the ball is on the side of Sales Pro on how soon they will be comfortable with AI; they have to embrace it to become the next Jordan Belfort or Sam Taggart.

If you’re a Smart Sales Pro using Salesforce as CRM and want to use AI to reach your goals and focus more on meaningful work, try GPTfy.

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