FAQs on AI, Salesforce, & GPTfy

Read the most frequently asked questions to us regarding AI, Salesforce, and GPTfy.

Trust, Security, & Privacy​

How does GPTfy safeguard against data breaches?

GPTfy employs encryption, data masking, and tools like Shield Event Monitoring to prevent unauthorized access and tightly control AI models.

How does GPTfy secure Salesforce and AI access?

GPTfy ensures PII and PHI data don’t flow from Salesforce to AI. It uses mutual TLS for communication security.

How does GPTfy comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA?

GPTfy allows configuring AI based on user, location, and consent to data processing complies with privacy laws.

How does GPTfy prevent bias and toxicity in AI?

GPTfy monitors AI-generated content, performs data audits, and configures AI responsibly to avoid issues like bias.

Proof of Concept & Go-Live​

How long does it take to set up GPTfy?

GPTfy sets up in just 1 hour! Get up and running fast without any code changes.

How can I start a proof of concept with GPTfy?

Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs. We provide customized POC solutions to demonstrate GPTfy’s capabilities.

What skills do I need to install and configure GPTfy?

GPTfy is designed for easy non-code configuration. Some basic Salesforce admin skills are sufficient to set it up.

GPTfy for Sales Cloud

How can GPTfy boost sales productivity?

GPTfy automates grunt work like email generation to give sellers more time to progress deals. It tracks AI-driven ROI through saved time and closed revenue.

How does GPTfy help BDRs qualify leads faster?

GPTfy instantly engages Web2Lead and Email2Lead with personalized, AI-generated responses to boost conversion rates.

How does GPTfy assist AEs in advancing opportunities?

GPTfy can automate follow-ups, analyze sentiments, auto-generate account summaries, and craft follow-up emails to nurture leads more effectively.

How can GPTfy improve pipeline reviews?

GPTfy provides 360-degree account summaries with AI-generated insights to inform executive decisions during pipeline reviews.

GPTfy for Service Cloud

How can GPTfy boost service productivity?

GPTfy automates repetitive tasks like email drafting and case routing so agents can resolve tickets faster. It tracks productivity gains through CSAT.

How can GPTfy improve customer satisfaction (CSAT)?

GPTfy summarizes cases and interactions to understand service experience. It also suggests knowledge articles to boost satisfaction.

How does GPTfy help prevent red accounts?

GPTfy analyzes sentiment across cases to proactively identify at-risk accounts. It also provides Account 360 insights to address concerns.

How does GPTfy assist with churn reduction?

GPTfy analyzes product usage telemetry to inform account managers of renewal management and churn prevention strategies.

GPTfy for Financial Services & Insurance​

How can GPTfy enhance client experience?

GPTfy analyzes client sentiment across past interactions to improve client satisfaction (CSAT). It also determines client intent from emails to swiftly address concerns.

How can GPTfy help client services teams?

GPTfy enables client service reps to match tones to client sentiment on calls using AI analysis. It also instantly summarizes client inquiries from various channels.

How does GPTfy boost financial advisor productivity?

GPTfy creates a consolidated 360 view of client accounts and holdings. It alerts advisors to client life events and investment maturities for better service.

How does GPTfy assist insurance agents?

GPTfy guides agents in picking the right tone on calls based on customer sentiment analysis of past interactions. It also helps understand customer intent without repetition.

GPTfy for Healthcare & Life Sciences

How can GPTfy simplify documentation for medical staff?

GPTfy leverages AI to automatically summarize patient health assessments, care plans, and other documentation to save clinicians time.

How can GPTfy empower health analysts and care teams with data-driven insights?

GPTfy offers AI to evaluate care plan effectiveness, map patient sentiment journeys across cases, and highlight key issues for resolution.

How does GPTfy boost productivity for support agents and payors?

GPTfy enables support agents to analyze patient sentiment and craft customized, context-aware emails. It also automatically emails case status summaries to payors for timely processing.

How can GPTfy improve coordination and efficiency for medical staff?

GPTfy creates a comprehensive 360 view of all patient records and health data in one place to boost productivity.

GPTfy's Business Case, Pricing & ROI​

What is the total cost of ownership for GPTfy?

GPTfy offers a free trial and a Pro version at $19.99 per user/month with volume discounts. Minimum deal size is $19k annually.

What do the free and paid versions include?

The free version enables trying core features under usage limits. The Pro unlocks unlimited AI calls, multi-AI connections, priority support, and advanced security.

What cost savings and productivity gains does GPTfy offer?

GPTfy saves 80+ minutes daily per agent by automating case summaries. This operational efficiency enables doing more with existing resources.

How quick is the breakeven and ROI from GPTfy?

With $59k total cost saving $1M+ over manual work, breakeven is under 2 months with a 5-6x ROI just from productivity improvements.

Does GPTfy require additional services or IT costs?

No. GPTfy Pro includes unlimited 24×7 support, training, and upgrades at no extra cost. It needs minimal IT effort and takes under 1 day to deploy.

How Does GPTfy Compare to Other AI Tools?

What out-of-the-box AI capabilities does GPTfy offer?

GPTfy provides 20+ pre-built prompts for personalized emails, record summaries, sentiment analysis, 360 views, and more across standard and custom Salesforce objects.

Can I bring my own AI model into GPTfy?

Yes, GPTfy supports integrating external AI engines like OpenAI, Anthropic, Google Vertex, AWS, and Azure, as per your preference.

How does GPTfy ensure transparency and auditability?

GPTfy has an embedded trust and security layer that provides granular audits of all AI interactions with configurable log retention periods while masking sensitive data.

What Salesforce products work with GPTfy?

GPTfy works out-of-the-box with sales, service, marketing, health, financial services, revenue, public sector, non-profit, higher education, etc.

Also, Vlocity (Industries products) and others based on the Salesforce Core Platform would work with GPTfy.

Does GPTfy work with 3rd Party Salesforce OEM products?

Yes, GPTfy will work with nCino, Veeva, ServiceMax, FinancialForce, Zuora, Apttus-Conga, Blackbaud, Litify, Amadeus, etc.

How long does it take to deploy GPTfy?

With its intuitive clicks-not-code configuration, GPTfy can be rolled out in hours or weeks compared to months for custom solutions. 24×7 support is included!

Can I run GPTfy for batch processing?

Yes, GPTfy supports mass automation to enable running large-volume batch jobs for AI processing. For example, you can automate so that any new case created is automatically summarized and classified, and a resolution is recommended.

Does GPTfy work with Salesforce Flows, Apex, and REST APIs?

All Prompts created in GPTfy can be initiated from Salesforce Flows, Apex, and external REST API calls.