About Us

Founded in 2023 by Salesforce and data professionals who believe Salesforce
customers deserve better AI, Data Security, and Privacy compliance.
GPTfy team is based in United States and India.

Our Team

We are Salesforce pros who like to solve hard problems well.

Profile Picture of Founder and CEO of GPTfy and Cloud Compliance


Founder, CEO

Saurabh was trained by the best at Salesforce. When not dreaming about tech, he likes to cook.


Co-Founder, VP Customer Success

Rahul cut his teeth on Oracle consulting. When not on JIRA, he likes to hang out with friends & family.


VP - Business Development

Vipul is a serial entrepreneur. He dreams of being on a Cruise when not thinking about a new venture.


Salesforce Developer

Rishabh thrives on Lightning and Apex. When not on VS Code, he can be found gaming.


Senior Customer Advocate

Rohit is all about Mar-tech. When not SEO-ing, he binge-watches crime and war documentaries.


Associate Salesforce Engineer

Kala is all about Salesforce data. When not in Dev Console, he is in the kitchen cooking.


Design Lead

Rishabh went from moving electrons to pixels. When not in Figma, he is out socializing over beers.


Technical Project Manager

Kajal enjoys project management, teamwork, lifelong learning, and family time


Quality Assurance Lead

Divya excels in teamwork, problem-solving, and analytics


Salesforce Engineer

Piyush is a salesforce explorer.
Love to be a gamer in the free hours.



Andrea is a diehard process advocate and is always happy to discuss Dungeons and Dragons.


Senior Customer Advocate

Vinayak is excited to pursue a career in Salesforce, and enjoys fitness, biking, and music


Lead Salesforce Developer

Adarsh is experienced in Salesforce, open to new tech and opportunities


Salesforce Developer

Sohit is an expert in Salesforce specializing in Apex, automation, Lwc, and integration.


Associate Customer Advocate

Marketing aficionado with an insatiable wanderlust.


Associate Customer Advocate

When not creating digital content, Shagun is immersed in analyzing characters in psychological thrillers.


Salesforce Developer

Sagar excels in Salesforce, crafting solutions with Angular and JavaScript. Outside work, he loves traveling, socializing, and music.


Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

Manupriya is an expert in Salesforce automation testing, skilled in developing innovative solutions and robust frameworks. She enjoys traveling, networking, and music.


Consultant - Data Science

Saumya is a Data and AI enthusiast. When not talking to artificial humans, she loves talking to real humans.