From Inquiry to Enrollment, AI Empowers ‘em All

Explore how GPTfy leverages AI-powered Salesforce solutions to transform higher education, enhancing student interactions and streamlining administrative processes for a more efficient educational environment.

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Student Services and IT Support: Enhance Engagement with AI

Optimizing Interactions in Student Portal

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of community portals with AI-driven chat solutions that provide instant and personalized responses. This technology supports student advisors and IT staff, enabling smoother communication and fostering a more collaborative educational environment.

Streamline Email-to-Case Management and Route Inquiries

Improve the management of incoming inquiries through intelligent routing systems that automatically direct queries to appropriate departments. This AI-enabled process ensures faster responses and optimizes the administrative workflow, enhancing overall case-handling efficiency.

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Administrative Leaders, Enhance Communication and Decision-Making

Communications Beyond Templates: Personalized Emails

Shift from generic responses to crafting personalized communications that resonate with students’ needs, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

AI Chat Summaries: The 30-Second Version

Enable quicker and more effective decision-making with AI-generated concise summaries of student interactions across multiple communication channels.

IT Security and Compliance Teams: Enhance Trust and Safety

Robust Data Protection Strategies

Ensure the safety of sensitive information within educational systems with state-of-the-art security measures. Deploy encryption and comprehensive access controls to protect student and faculty data from unauthorized access and maintain the integrity and privacy of institutional data.

Maintaining Compliance and Ethical Integrity

Adhere to stringent educational and data privacy regulations with AI-driven compliance tools. Implement transparent, accountable AI systems that conform to global standards, such as GDPR, to uphold the privacy rights and data protection requirements of all stakeholders.

Frequently asked questions

What is GPTfy?

GPTfy is the Salesforce-native, enterprise-grade solution that accelerates your Salesforce integration with ChatGPT.

How does GPTfy work?

GPTfy anonymizes and securely sends relevant Salesforce data to ChatGPT and other AI services for processing. It brings back the results right inside Salesforce. This lets your Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and other Salesforce users benefit from AI-based automation.

How much time does it take to implement GPTfy?

GPTfy comes with drop-in integration and takes less than an hour to set up. The integration may require more time depending on the AI selected and your requirements. Contact us to understand your needs and provide a better estimate.

Is GPTfy GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and HIPAA compliant?

GPTfy processes data on the Salesforce platform before sending it to the AI server. For Salesforce’s compliance with various regulations, please refer to

AI-related regulatory requirements depend on your integration and security choices. Please contact us so that we can help address this better.

How can I get started with GPTfy?

Schedule a meeting with us to get started with ChatGPT integration in Salesforce. During the meeting, we will understand your needs and get you started.