Release Notes 1.6 (April-2024)

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on April 10, 2024

Release Date: 10-April-2024

AppExchange Link: Download GPTfy

New Functionalities

Setup Wizard

Assists new customers in quickly configuring GPTfy in their Salesforce Org. The wizard experience hand-holds the Admin user throughout the configuration process.

Migration Utility for AI Model, Business Purpose, and API Data Sources:

Import/Export allows Admin users to migrate configurations from one org to another easily.

Usage Tracking by Period

Provides insights into AI adoption over time. It allows stakeholders to clearly see if AI usage is trending up or down and take corrective actions. Admin users can set up the tracking period based on their specific needs.

Allow User Input

 A new checkbox on the Create Prompt page that allows end users to add their specific ask to the prompt, leading to more personalized AI responses.

With this addition, Custom Prompt has become redundant. Therefore, starting this release, the ‘Custom Prompt’ type has been deprecated.

License Management

Clearer visibility of restricted features based on license tier. The GPTfy Cockpit will show a banner on restricted features.

Grounding Rules

Grounding Rules are available to pick and choose on the Prompt detail page. This allows prompt engineers to control the AI responses better. This release provides two categories of grounding rules: Ethical and Content.

Prompt - File Processing

Out-of-the-box GPTfy connection now allows file processing. This is powered by Azure AI Document Intelligence (aka: Azure Form Recognizer)


AI Model - Processing Class

Refactored and optimized implementation for customers needing a custom way to send requests to their LLM. Improved performance and customization for custom request/response formatting.

JSON Viewer

Built-in JSON viewer is now available on the Security Audit record, allowing users to see the large nested JSONS in an intuitive format.

Query Builder

Allows GPTfy admin users to visually create filter conditions, eliminating the need to know SOQL.
Query Builder is available on multiple GPTfy pages, such as Prompt, AI Mass-Processing, and Context Mapping.

Security Audit - Processing Time

Provides fine grade processing times on the Security Audit record, useful for troubleshooting and performance optimization. Admin users often need to know the time it takes to extract, mask, process, and present the data.

With this release, processing times, including Pre-processing, Processing, and Post-Processing time, are available on the Security Audit record.

Prompt Catalog

Optimized for Admin user’s experience, now allowing editing of Prompt name, description, connection, and visibility rules. Admin user can now also create a new prompt from here.

GPTfy User Console

UX Improvements:

  1. GPTfy User Console height remains consistent even if there is a past response
  2. Information ‘i’ icon dynamically shows up if the prompt has the description field populated
  3. Updated date timestamp to preserve space
  4. Removed thumbs-up feedback. Only a thumbs-down is available for capturing feedback. 
  5. Security Audit record link will disallow an end-user from navigating to the Security Audit record.

‘How it Works’ feature: 

End users often need to know the basis of the AI response. How It Works allows an Admin user to capture this information on the prompt optionally. The GPTfy console displays this information to the end user intuitively and unobstructedly.

Security Layers:

Regex-based Security Layer rules have been optimized.
Two new checkboxes have been added: ‘Match Complete Word’ and ‘Ignore Special Characters’.

AI Settings:

This detail page has been restructured. Information has been moved to subtabs for better visibility.

File Prompt

Alerts users with a warning if no file is attached to a Prompt when “Include Files” is checked.

Bug Fixes


  • Imported Prompts were incorrectly showing up as activated
  • Formatting was getting lost on Rich Test field mapped as a target field
  • Copy of Merge Field was not working for some customers
  • Reinstatement of an older prompt version was leaving some fields as null

GPTfy User Console

  • Copy Icon on the GPTfy User Console was not working for some customers
  • LWC Component label was misleading

Data Context Mapping

  • Where Clause and record limit were not getting picked up for Level 3 object

Prompt Catalog

  • List View on the high resolution was not rendering correctly.

Security Filter

  • Some customers reported getting ‘Regex too complex’ exception


  • AI Model card was showing Incorrect Active count

AI Mass Processing

  • Page Layout was missing the Cross Object Filter(COFi) component

AI Model, Business Purpose, and API Data Sources

  • Since all these were stored as records under custom metadata, all CRUD operations were happening asynchronously, which made them prone to unhandled exceptions and data corruption. This has been migrated to Custom Objects.

Known Issues

  • Certain prompts with “Include Files” don’t work in the Gmail plugin.

  • Timestamp field appended to the Target Field text does not work for JSON Prompt.

  • Data Context Mapping created at the time of GPTfy installation has Inactive status. This prevents Admin users from using the prepackaged Data Context Mappings.

We’re always working to make things even better!

The problem that GPTfy is solving is to help you leverage the power of Generative AI in your Salesforce environment without any complex coding setup or worrying about security!

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