Release Notes 1.7 (June 2024)

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on June 7, 2024

Release Date: 07-June-2024

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Where Clause Validation: ‘Where Clause’ on the prompt is now validated at the time of activation.

  • Ability to Order By Any Field: Related records on the Data Context Mapping can now be ordered by any field. This is useful to extract specific records.

This enhancement solves for requirements like: Need to extract the latest 5 Opportunity based on Expected Close Date.
Users can Order By: Expected Close Date and set Limit: 5 

  • Malformed JSON Response: Malformed JSON can cause unexpected errors (e.g., Code 60). It is difficult to troubleshoot these errors as malformed JSON can cause a fatal error. In this release changes have been made so that the malformed JSON is captured in the Exception Log and Security Audit records. Additionally, this exception has been handled so that end users will see clear error messages on the GPTfy User Console.
  • Conditionally Generate Blank JSON Nodes: There are situations where customers have a need for the Data Context based extraction to show blank JSON nodes. This is needed for customers considering Einstein Bot integration with GPTfy.

Default Organization Level Value ‘Blank Replacement Value’ has been added under the ‘GPTfy Settings’. Any Value populated here is used as the value for Blank Nodes. Customers must use this functionality only if recommended by GPTfy success team.


Bug Fixes

  • API Data Source:  Callout of API Data Source inside of AI Mass processing was causing Mass processing jobs to fail. This has been resolved.
  • GPTfy User Console: Some of the action icons like Send Email, Create Task, and ThumbsDown were not available to End user through the GPTfy User Console. The was caused by missing permissions in the ‘GPTfy User’ permission set. This permission set has been updated. 

Known Issues

  • Prompts with ‘Include Files’ checked do not work on GPTfy Gmail plugin
  • Timestamp field on Prompt record does not work for JSON prompts.
  • Data Context Mapping created at the time of GPTfy installation has the status of Inactive.
  • Azure RAG Activation process fails. Customers exploring Azure RAG should reach out to GPTfy Success team.
  • AI Model card on GPTfy Cockpit sometimes show incorrect count
  • AI Model Import sometimes create duplicate records.

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