Automate your Salesforce CRM with Gen AI and GPTfy


This is a plain English guide to GPTfy, an AI tool that automates sales and service processes and improves customer experiences in Salesforce.


Salesforce Admins, Business Analysts, Architects, Product Owners, and anyone who wants to maximize their Salesforce + AI potential.


Streamline manual processes with AI. Personalize experiences for each customer.
Drive continuous improvement through automation.

What Can You Do With It?

  • Eliminate manual tasks with AI automation: Using GPTfy, you can autogenerate summaries and other such content.

  • Streamline complex processes across systems: Invoke AI based on events in external systems.

  • Improve efficiency by invoking AI on specific record changes: Trigger AI on record creation, changes, and other Salesforce events.

Let’s get down to business.

You’re here because you want your Salesforce to run smoother than a freshly oiled machine, not stutter like a relic from the past.

GPTfy supports a wide variety of automation to meet the requirements of your business processes so that you can get a good ROI on your AI investments.

Challenges with Automation

Let’s talk about the automation blues.

In the digital world, you’d think getting systems to talk to each other would be a piece of cake, right?

But nope, it’s more like trying to get rival football fans to share a pint.

Here are a few challenges:

  • Integrate legacy systems: Legacy systems and fragmented solutions are not designed to work together, particularly with AI, making it difficult to integrate them for automation.

  • Automate complex tasks: Complex processes can be challenging to automate because they require human-like decision-making capabilities, but they will need to be viewed in the context of Gen-AI.

  • Make intelligent decisions: Current automation solutions often lack the ability to make intelligent decisions, which can limit their effectiveness. While Gen AI enriches data to do this, it still needs to be orchestrated with traditional automation solutions.

  • Meet evolving needs: Customer expectations are constantly changing, and automation needs to be adaptable to keep pace and integrate with emerging capabilities like AI.

AI Automation with GPTfy - Gen AI use cases

Category Name Description Focus Example
Good AI Use Cases (Today)
  • High business value / Better ROI

  • Low nuance -> Better AI processing & Adoption
  • Personalized Emails

  • Data summarization

Poor AI Use Cases

  • Low business value and Poor ROI
  • Low-High nuance that may require specialized AI
  • Low volume, low revenue processes

  • Exception processes
Future AI Business Use Cases
  • High business value and High ROI

  • Higher nuance that AI may not be ready for today
  • Highly customized quotes

GPTfy tackles automation roadblocks head-on, empowering businesses with:

1. Seamless integration with Salesforce and third-party tools

Powerful AI models and LLMs from market leaders like AWS, Azure, OpenAI, etc., can be integrated declaratively with GPTfy to bring this automation to your Salesforce users.

This is done natively/on-platform, so your users do not have to learn anything new; they just get a seamless experience.

2. AI-driven decision-making and personalized recommendations

Your Salesforce platform is not just about automating the mundane; With GPTfy, it’s equipped with AI-driven decision-making capabilities that can deliver personalized recommendations and actions.

For example, AI can make case resolution recommendations even before a Support rep looks at it, thus saving time and improving efficiency.

3. Continuous innovation to stay ahead of evolving demands

In the fast-paced world of customer service and sales, GPTfy ensures you stay ahead of the competition with continuous innovation.

For example, with Salesforce and GPTfy integration, your Sales users can automatically run whitespace analysis for their account before meeting a key stakeholder.

This lets them bring significantly more context of their prospect without doing the tedious gruntwork.

GPTfy's core strengths allow your business to:

Time & Cost Savings with ROI Dashboard

GPTfy tracks the time and cost your users are saving by using AI. This lets you Accelerate digital processes, justify AI investments, and significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks, leading to a more efficient, productive workplace.

Quality Insights

Data-driven insights for optimized operations, helping you make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

AI Mass Processing

Businesses generate and accumulate data at unprecedented rates but are rarely able to use it – especially when it is unstructured, such as emails, case comments, meeting notes, and documents/files.

What if you could automate the generation of meaningful insights from it?

You can accomplish this in two simple steps:

  • Scheduling: Decide how often you want to analyze your data. Do you need a quick check every day or a more thorough look every week?

  • Prompts: Instruct GPTfy what information to find and how to present it. Imagine giving them specific orders on what to investigate and report back on.

Real-World Impact: From Insight to Action

Weekly Summary Reports

Consider that you want a weekly digest of customer feedback to help you improve your services. With GPTfy scheduled every Friday, you get a comprehensive report that distills customer sentiment across all touchpoints, equipping you to start the following week with actionable insights.

Bulk Customer Communications

When it’s time to update your customers about a new product or policy change, GPTfy’s batch processing can generate personalized messages tailored to each customer segment, all with the click of a button.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

In the realm of data analysis, GPTfy proves invaluable. It can sift through market trends, financial reports, and consumer data, providing you with the summary and insights needed to make informed strategic decisions.

Automate with Flows + GPTfy AI

This potent combination means that as soon as a record is created or updated, GPTfy jumps into action, instantly applying AI processing.

What It Means for Your Business

Imagine every new service case update triggering a tailored response, customer queries getting answered on the fly, or new content being drafted without you lifting a finger.

What It Does

GPTfy can be invoked through a Salesforce flow to apply AI processing when a record is created or changed.

This allows you to build real-time or near-real-time automation that automatically updates Service cases, answers customer questions, creates content, or analyzes data.

How It Works

Here’s the beauty of it: you don’t need to code.

All GPTfy prompts are accessible from Salesforce flows and can be invoked for your business-specific triggers.

You can simply create a flow, add an Apex action that refers to a GPTfy prompt, pass it a record ID, and have GPTfy run AI on your data securely, fully automated, and without writing any code.

Steps to Automate flows with GPTfy: Click here


Service Use Cases

Each new entry in your service case can be auto-analyzed, categorized, and even suggested for resolution without you having to scrutinize the details manually.

Instant Customer Interaction

Customer queries can receive immediate, AI-driven responses that feel personal and thoughtful, enhancing customer satisfaction without overwhelming your support team.

Content Creation

Need new content? GPTfy can draft initial versions based on your parameters, jump-starting the creative process and letting your team focus on refinement and strategy.

Data Analysis Automated

When it comes to data, GPTfy can be set to sift through numbers and trends, providing insights and analytics that would otherwise require hours of human labor.

Bring Gen AI In Your Salesforce

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GPTfy and REST API Integration

In Salesforce, automation has always been a North Star, guiding enterprises toward greater efficiency and precision.

However, this mechanism is often limited by its inability to seamlessly interact with external systems and third-party tools, especially emerging ones such as Gen-AI, that are becoming essential for more comprehensive automation.

The complexity of tasks demanding nuanced decision-making and the relentless evolution of customer expectations – these hurdles have often made full automation with Gen-AI in Salesforce a bridge too far.

Enter GPTfy, a solution designed for standards-based integration using REST API.

Screenshot of a REST API command execution for Salesforce automation
Custom AI Response flow


Streamlined Data Operations

The integration optimizes operations by automating the data flow between Salesforce and external systems.

For instance, market intelligence tools that gather global economic data can now directly inform your Salesforce dashboards, enabling smarter business decisions.

Intelligent Customer Engagement

Imagine an AI that crafts a follow-up email based on a customer’s recent interaction with your support chatbot hosted on a different platform.

Adaptive Financial Forecasting

Integrating financial systems allows GPTfy to assist in predictive analysis and forecasting within Salesforce.

Financial data, often siloed in separate accounting software and PDF documents, can be summarized and updated in your Salesforce to give a holistic view of fiscal health and forecasts.

Compliance and Auditing Made Easy

With external auditing tools integrated into your Salesforce environment, GPTfy can help maintain compliance by automatically gathering audit trails and compliance data from disparate systems, ensuring you’re always a step ahead of regulatory requirements.


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses can no longer afford to rely on outdated, manual processes that hinder efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With GPTfy’s seamless integration, customizable prompts, and a suite of AI capabilities, you now have the tools to streamline workflows, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational excellence like never before.

From automating repetitive tasks to generating personalized recommendations, GPTfy empowers you to leverage the full potential of AI-driven automation.

Take advantage of this: Book a demo today to unlock your team’s full potential.


  • Supercharge your Salesforce processes with AI-powered automation.

  • Seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into existing workflows and tools.

  • Delight customers with personalized, AI-driven experiencesOptimize operations through data-driven insights and intelligent analysis.

  • Ensure responsible AI development with ethical grounding and data securityEmbrace the Future of Intelligent Automation Today
Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh is an Enterprise Architect and seasoned entrepreneur spearheading a Salesforce security and AI startup, with inventive contributions recognized by a patent.

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