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A guide on how AI can supercharge the Email-to-Case process in Salesforce, turning unstructured data into actionable insights.


Salesforce Admins, Service Cloud Product Owners, Customer Success & Service leaders, and anyone looking to elevate their Service Cloud experience.


Email is convenient for customers but creates unstructured data challenges. AI unlocks automation opportunities and a seamless support journey.

What Can You Do With It?

  • Automatically categorize emails: AI can instantly analyze emails and classify them based on product, issue type, language or sentiment.

  • Reduce manual effort: Free up your service agents from manually extracting context, allowing them to focus on complex cases.

  • Prioritize like a pro: AI can intelligently route cases to the most qualified agents based on contextual richness.

  • Generate empathetic email drafts aligned with customer sentiment.

3 Challenges with Email to Case

Email2Case in Salesforce is compelling for allowing customers to leverage email while you streamline support with Service Cloud’s automation.

However, there are three key challenges:

  • Lack of Context: Emails are entirely unstructured, so you don’t know what the case is about. Is it about a product, functional area (technical, financial, billing, sales, etc.), or something else? This context is missing until you review the email.


  • One by One – Manual & Linear Process: Unless every email is read, there’s no intelligent way to prioritize, rank, or route cases automatically. You can use separate email addresses, but that defeats the purpose of a single support@ email experience.


  • Hidden Customer Sentiment: You have no context about the end customer – their sentiment, frustration level, and if the email is an escalation, etc. – until you manually read and infer meaning, which can be subjective. Speaking of subjectivity, language barriers with a global customer base can further hinder understanding and appropriate email routing.


How can AI can resolve these three challenges:

  1. Not knowing what the email is about,

  2. Forcing a linear support method, and

  3. Lacking customer context.

Generative AI excels at reading unstructured data and extracting valuable insights.

Unleashing AI's Potential

AI can resolve these three challenges by:

  1. Automatically understanding the unstructured email

  2. Enabling intelligent prioritization and routing

  3. Providing crucial customer context like sentiment

Your Email-to-Case: Powered by AI

  1. Extracting Key Points: When a customer emails and creates a case, GPTfy automatically extracts the description, subject line, and relevant fields. It anonymizes any sensitive data to ensure security.
  2. Sending to the AI Expert: This info rockets to your chosen AI model (pick your champion: Azure, GCP, AWS, OpenAI). 
  3. AI Analyzes and Suggests: The AI analyzes the email content, identifying the product, language, and sentiment. It also summarizes the email and recommends solutions from your knowledge base using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) technology.
  4. Case Gets Supercharged (10-15 seconds): GPTfy receives the AI’s intel and instantly updates your case with routing info (product, sentiment, area), suggested solutions – all in a flash!
  5. Right Team, Right Away: Existing routing rules then assign these context-rich cases to the perfect team.
  6. Agents Get a Head Start: Agents see the AI’s suggested solution upfront, accelerating case resolution.
  7. Personalized Email Drafts: GPTfy can even craft empathetic email drafts based on customer sentiment (bonus feature!).

Bring Gen AI In Your Salesforce

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The Balanced Approach

Full automation sounds dreamy, but it needs a knowledge base the size of Jupiter.

Here’s the reality:

  • AI does the heavy lifting: It analyzes emails, suggests solutions, and understands the customer’s sentiment.
  • Agents take control: They review recommendations, make final decisions, and keep the human touch.

This winning combo lets you:

  • Resolve cases faster: AI cuts through the noise, speeding up the process.
  • Delight customers: Proactive sentiment analysis ensures you address their concerns before they escalate.


Want to know how to use Knowledge Base to retrieve answers? Check out this quick demo of how to do it with GPTfy

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Next Steps

Happier Customers, Less Stress: Curious how AI can make your customer service team superheroes?

Try GPTfy and see how it helps you understand customer sentiment and resolve cases faster.

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