GPTfy Product Architecture & Security - Salesforce + AI

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GPTfy Product Architecture & Security - Salesforce + AI​

73% of employees believe Gen AI introduces security risks

…and why not?

When new tech joins the force, it brings challenges and scope. Similarly, when planning to implement AI, every organization faces some common challenges around security, privacy, compliance, ROI, use cases, etc. .

In this article, you will learn how GPTfy, an AI enablement tool in Salesforce, reduces security risks and lets you use AI securely inside Salesforce.

Why do you need GPTfy to securely use Salesforce + AI?

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If data breaches can happen to corporates like Samsung, Sony, Meta, and such, it can happen to you.

So, how do you secure your AI Instance from risks like data breaches, trojan attacks, overfitting, etc.?

…Because you’re spending a considerable amount of money for it and feeding it your data to work with.

What is GPTfy?

Illustrative diagram showing a connection between Salesforce and another platform
GPTfy brings Gen AI to your Salesforce org securely

GPTfy brings the power of generative AI to your Salesforce platform, like ChatGPT, Cohere, Anthropic, Claude, Bard, and more. It bridges the gap between Gen AI and your Salesforce org.

Product Overview: Under The Hood

GPTfy was developed by Cloud Compliance, a Salesforce AppExchange Partner for half a decade now. It’s built on native Salesforce technologies to ensure a familiar and efficient user experience. 

GPTfy's managed package for Salesforce, detailing the custom UI components
GPTfy bring Gen AI to your Salesforce org

Key Features:

  • Custom UI: Designed in Salesforce Lightning.

  • Configuration: Uses custom object metadata and settings.

  • Native Automation: All processes and APIs are crafted within Salesforce.

And GPTfy adheres to Salesforce’s security model, which means –

  • No external web callouts unless you or your admin configures it.

  • All APIs are hosted within the Salesforce org, with access restricted to API-authorized users.

Bring Gen AI In Your Salesforce

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get a Free trial of AI in your Salesforce securely and in compliance with regulations?

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GPTfy's Multi-Layered Security Approach

GPTfy comes with multi-layered security, which means –

  • It does not access third-party data stores.

  • It processes and stores data only on your Salesforce org.

This ensures your sensitive data remains on Salesforce and prevents it from flowing into the AI model.

In addition, it supports BYOM (bring-your-own model) from an AI standpoint. You can run Salesforce with your chosen vendor in any region, ensuring data residency and compliance.

Note: GPTfy only connects with instances you have explicitly configured and authorized. This means you have full control over the security of your AI model.

process flowchart illustrating the steps of data extraction, masking and anonymization with a security layer
GPTfy Data masking/de-masking

Data Masking and Data De-Masking

GPTfy masks your PII data before it’s sent to AI and then de-masks it in detail when AI generates the output for a prompt.

Steps involved in Data Masking / Data De-Masking -

Step One – Extract

It extracts data from your Salesforce objects, whether they are custom-managed packages or standard objects. 

Step Two – Mask

Our solution replaces real data with decoy data from all Salesforce objects and processes it through your preferred AI platform, such as Azure’s OpenAI. 

Step Three – De-mask

Post-processing, it restores the data to its previous version (original data) in Salesforce with capabilities to update fields automatically. 

External Data, Salesforce, AI and Security

A diagram showing the security integration between Salesforce, GPTfy, and various data sources and platforms
Connecting Non-Salesforce Data Sources to AI securely

You may have more than one data source. GPTfy can pull data from non-Salesforce sources.

If you’re using more than one data source, then O-Data security and the security for these external systems are again in your control.

Whether it’s Salesforce data, data coming from external systems, or going to AI, your organization controls how security, compliance, and legal requirements are met.

Release & Update

development lifecycle of GPTfy's software, from development through testing, AppExchange release,
GPTfy - Secure Release and Updates

Every release of GPTfy submitted to the AppExchange is secure and has gone through a Checkmarx code scan. We literally spend hundreds of hours on testing.

We only work with customers' dev sandboxes with NO DATA.

Once all of it is done, your team deploys it to production, and our team remotely provides support.

In Summary

GPTfy makes sure that your PII data never leaves the Salesforce Org, and your reps can use AI to its maximum potential securely.

Seems secure enough?

Feel free to reach out to Saurabh Gupta or Rahul Gupta if you have any doubts. You can set up a call with us too. 

Check out GPTfy for more on Salesforce and AI and how it helps you get all the benefits of AI inside Salesforce securely.

References: 73% of employees believe generative AI introduces new security risks.

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