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Science of AI Prompts in Salesforce: Prompt Lifecycle with GPTfy

75% of AI users are looking to automate mundane tasks in sales and support

AI is transforming the business landscape as we know it. With the right prompt, you can understand a customer’s needs and concerns before they voice them. A prompt is the key to unlocking AI’s full potential.


AI isn’t reading minds—yet. It needs detailed instructions to deliver precise results, much like the early days of Google.

Why should you read this?

Salesforce is a beacon in the modern CRM landscape, and AI is its biggest ally. And with AI, you understand the frustration of sifting through generic responses. But when you add specific details to your prompt, the results produced by AI are significantly better.

Without mastering the prompt, you can’t use AI to its full potential for your Salesforce org.

This article will guide you through the prompt lifecycle, and how to create effective prompts on GPTfy for optimal AI results in Salesforce.

What is a prompt?

With AI, came the concept of “prompt” – A plain English command you give to AI to get the best answer that aligns with your requirements. The more detailed your prompt, the more tailored the AI’s response.

Why Do You Need To Optimize AI Prompts?

AI models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard require precise instructions. These instructions are fed to AI through Natural Language Processing (NLP).

So, writing clear prompts is the most important aspect of utilizing AI for your Salesforce. And with GPTfy, you can now leverage AI power to enhance your Salesforce Org directly.

A prompt’s lifecycle in AI for Salesforce by GPTfy:

GPTfy seamlessly integrates prompts with Salesforce, bridging gen AI with your Salesforce CRM in 6 steps.

Understand purpose – Define what you need from AI for targeted tasks in Salesforce.

Create a prompt – Set up prompts to guide AI in processing customer data.

Add data context – Add relevant Salesforce data to refine AI’s responses.

Track and optimize – Customize prompts to ensure AI’s answers meet specific needs.

Publish your prompt – Roll out refined prompts for your team to use in Salesforce.

Track ROI Usage – Track prompt efficiency to gauge impact and value.

Understand The Purpose Of A Prompt

Every journey begins with a question. In Salesforce and AI, that question is: “Why do I need a prompt?”

Account 360 Prompt on GPTfy

Your sales and service reps have to sort through vast amounts of data to personalize interactions and resolve issues. It’s time-consuming and costs your business money at the end of the day.

By understanding the purpose of AI prompts and defining them on Salesforce, reps can boost their individual performance by eliminating gruntwork and other mundane tasks.

Create Your Prompt

Creating a prompt is like communicating with AI in a language it understands. And with GPTfy’s intuitive interface, this process is as easy as it gets.

By creating a prompt, you can configure AI to deliver the best results by describing your desired format, tone, and language. 

Your reps can leverage AI to retrieve information quickly with the correct prompts. This makes data extraction easier and navigation simple.

Step-wise guide to creating your prompt on GPTfy

Step-wise guide to creating a prompt on GPTfy

Check out the full video here.

Add Data Context  To Your Prompt

By adding context to the data, such as customer name, account information, related cases, and similar attributes, your sales and service reps can get more meaningful insights from AI.

For instance, your reps could use a prompt to summarize a customer’s previous interactions before a call for a more informed approach on Service Cloud.

AI is only as good as the data it works with. And with GPTfy, you can choose what kind of data you want to enter into the system.

Whether it’s primary data from your Salesforce records or related data from other objects, GPTfy ensures that AI has the information it needs to deliver the best results.


We pay special attention to data security. Our multi-layered security can protect your data from external threats and prevent it from leaving Salesforce. 

Check out how our multi-layered security approach works:

Your Data remains in Salesforce and doesn't flow into AI

Optimize Your Prompt

Once you’ve created your prompt, it’s time to refine and test it.

GPTfy offers a robust testing environment where you can customize and modify your prompts to ensure contextual, accurate results that align with your desired outcome.

For instance, prompts can ensure AI understands your company-specific lingo or industry jargon. This can directly assist sales reps while following up with a lead.

In customer support, it can assist by providing valuable insights to your reps while engaging with a customer.

Publish Your Prompt

Once you’re satisfied with your prompt, you can share it with your team. GPTfy’s publishing feature can make your prompts available to specific user profiles or record types.

This ensures that all team members can benefit from AI individually regardless of their technical expertise.

Additionally, the business catalog makes finding and categorizing prompts easy and hassle-free.

Track ROI Usage Of Your Prompt

The beauty of GPTfy lies in its ability to help you continuously improve each area that utilizes a specific prompt.

GPTfy Business Value Dashboard

With comprehensive dashboards, you can track the tangible benefits of your prompts like time and money saved, total usage, etc. 

This ongoing journey of tracking, modifying, and innovating ensures that you always stay ahead of the curve.

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Now that you know the ‘Hows’ and the ‘Whys’ of creating prompts, focus on mastering it. Mastering this can be your ticket to efficiency with Salesforce and AI.

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75% of AI users are looking to automate mundane tasks in sales and support​

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