ROI of Generative AI - Unraveling the Business Case

Infographic showing the significant increase in ROI from using Generative AI in Salesforce, illustrating automation benefits, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction. This visual emphasizes the transformative power of AI in optimizing sales processes and boosting business efficiency.


In the era of digital transformation and automation, AI applications are at the forefront of innovation.

As a leader in customer relationship management, balancing human and automated services for optimal customer satisfaction is essential.

Without an innovative approach, survival in the age of transformative technology becomes a challenge.

You can generate as much as 161.44% ROI by using AI to summarize cases

Automation, particularly in customer relationship management, can unlock numerous advantages that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and provide a competitive edge.

The Need for AI

Globally, 73% of businesses have adopted AI systems and automated their business strategies. If you’re still using an outdated playbook to manage your workflow, it’s time to consider the benefits of AI in customer relationship management:

Use Case Description Resources
Reduce response and resolution time.
Summarize customer data
Review historical data
Cut customer support cost
Predictive analysis to improve CSAT

Before investing in AI for your Salesforce org, it’s crucial to conduct an ROI analysis. Let’s examine the average expenditure of successfully executing the verticals of customer support.

Cost of Manual Customer Support

Consider a call center providing customer support for a business. The approximate numbers and costs are as follows:

Number of Agents Average Calls Taken by Agent/Day Average Time to Read Case Details Hourly Cost of a Call Center Agent Daily Expense on Manual Case Summarization
3 minutes

The daily ‘Case data summarization tax’ is $6000, which also results in longer waiting times for customers.

But what if your numbers are different?  Plug in your numbers here.

Impact of Grunt Work

Grunt work, tasks that are not an employee’s primary role, can significantly impact a business’s profitability.

For instance, a customer service rep handling paperwork, reading case summaries, and storing records wastes valuable time that could be better spent serving customers.

Role of AI in Eliminating Grunt Work

AI can help eliminate grunt work and empower customer service reps by assisting them in various aspects of their jobs:

  • Customer preference: AI can deliver a more personalized and satisfactory experience by identifying customer preferences.

  • Workflow management: AI can automate small, time-consuming tasks that require human intervention, like invoicing, data entry, and outreach efforts.

  • Sentiment Tracking: AI can help customer service reps understand a customer’s satisfaction levels before taking over the conversation.

Bring Gen AI In Your Salesforce

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can get a Free trial of AI in your Salesforce securely and in compliance with regulations?

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Salesforce + GPTfy is The Key

GPTfy, a Salesforce AppExchange App, uses AI to auto-generate case summaries. It can securely process cases, related emails & notes and automatically add them to case records for the agent.

GPTfy can reveal actionable insights into how to approach your business with Salesforce.

Consider the same call center spending $6000 daily on manual case summarization. If they leverage OpenAI’s summarization capabilities, customer service reps can review a 120-word case Summary instead of hundreds of documents, responding to inquiries faster. The results are significantly different:

Manual Case Summarization Case Summarization - GPTfy+AI
Number of Agents - 100
Number of Agents - 100
Calls Taken/Day/Agent - 40
Calls Taken/Day/Agent - 40
Avg. Time To Summarize & Read Case Details - 3 Minutes
Avg. Time To Summarize & Read Case Details - 1 Minute
(Avg.) Hourly Cost of a Call Center Agent - $30
(Avg.) Hourly Cost of a Call Center Agent - $30
Daily Manual Case Summarization Tax - $6000
Daily Case Summarization Cost with GPTfy+AI - $2000

You can save as much as $4000 every day with GPTfy+AI.

How did we get to this conclusion?

Run your numbers here and find out how much you can save daily. 

Calculating ROI

For an investment of $59,000 on AI, you can save more than $700,000. The payback period is short, with the initial investment recovered in less than a year.

Find out your daily cost of running AI and your annual investment here.

The GPTfy Advantage

GPTfy, a 100% Native Salesforce AppExchange App, allows businesses to AI-enable their Salesforce users. For $19.99/User, businesses can go live in hours and securely bring AI to their Salesforce.

GPTfy Use Cases- Service Cloud

Goals Function Description User
Improve Service
Summarize Case + Analyze Sentiment
Provides a bird's eye view of a Case, related case comments and email - including overall sentiment of the interactions.
Support Rep, Call Center & Support Management
Improve Service
Root Cause Analysis
Conducts a root cause analysis based on the Case, case comments, and related emails.
Support Rep, Call Center & Support Management
Improve Service
Send an email to Case contact
Writes a draft email to the case contact - Rep can personalize the tone, and edit the generated draft.
Support Rep

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GPTfy Use Cases- Sales Cloud

Goals Function Description User
Boost Sales
Welcome email for new leads
Drafts emails in response to initial inquiry from a lead. This can include links to data sheets and websites. Rep can customize the generated draft.
Account Executive, Sales Management
Boost Sales
Territory realignment & easy onboarding
Bring a new Sales rep up to speed on a new territory / after territory realignment by providing an account summary
Account Executive, Sales Management
Boost Sales
Reduce Sales related gruntwork
Reduce the grunt work to manually collate all the sales info and notes by summarizing opportunities in the pipeline.
Account Executive, Sales & SalesOps Management

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The integration of AI into your Salesforce org can deliver significant ROI.

GPTfy, with its AI-driven automation, can improve decision-making, generate the desired ROI, and cut costs. The right time to get GPTfy is now.

For more information about what you can do with Salesforce and AI, Book a Free Demo!

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