GPTfy console on Experience cloud

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on March 18, 2024

GPTfy is now available on Experience Cloud, too. This article helps in understanding step-by-step procedures on how to enable the GPTfy console in the experience cloud.

Step 1: Update a workspace on a site

  • Sites can be updated from Setup –> Digital Experiences.
  • Click on workspaces on a prefered site where GPTfy has to be enabled.

Step 2: Assign Permission set

  • Under the workspace, click on ‘Administration’ tile and it will open the window, where we need to assign the profiles that can access this site. Click on members in the left pane to see the list of profiles and Perission set to assign.
  • Select all in search, and add profiles of the user who needs to see the GPTfy console of the records. For example, select Customer Community profiles into selected profiles.
  • Add the GPTfy Portal User permission set, assign it, and click save.

  • Make sure the site is activated.

Step 3: Add GPTfy Console component.

  • Once the permission set is assigned, click on the workspaces by clicking the home button. Select the Builder button.
  • Click on Home to find the Account detail page where the user needs to add the console.
  • Click on the component icon and find GPTfy Console under custom components.
  • Drag and drop the GPTfy console onto the detail page.

  • When a prompt is active, the console will show up on the record page.
  • Once the console is added, click Publish.

Step 4: Login as experience cloud user.

  • Once the site is published, login in to experience as user whose profile has been assigned with GPTfy Portal User permission set.

  • Open any account record, and the GPTfy console can be seen.

Step 5: Run GPTfy

  • Click on the drop-down to select a prompt and click Run GPTfy.
  • The response from AI will be shown on the console.