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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on April 10, 2024

GPTfy Console within Salesforce is pivotal to ensuring a seamless integration of the GPTfy app.

This is the custom component from which users can run the activated prompt. GPTfy console shows a bunch of information regarding the prompt execution.

Initial Setup:

  • The GPTfy Console isn’t automatically integrated into the user interface.
    Users are required to add it to the object record page manually.

Step 1: Navigate to Edit Page

  • Go to any object record detail page, click the wrench icon, and select Edit Page.

Step 2: Drag and Drop GPTfy Console

  • Drag and drop the GPTfy Console onto any space inside the lightning record page, preferably at the top, below the name section of any record.

Step 3: Save, Activate, Set Default

  • Save, Activate, and assign the page as the Org Default.

Step 4: Using GPTfy Console

  • Return to the object record.

  • You’ll see the GPTfy Console with a list of activated prompts in a dropdown menu.

  • Select a pre-packaged prompt (e.g., Account).
    Click the “Run” button.

  • The console displays the AI response and creates a security audit record.

  • You can click on the security audit record to view details in a new tab.

Console Information and Icons:

Prompt Execution: Shows the date, time, and total time saved (in seconds) for the prompt execution.

  • Thumbs Down:If the response is not up to expectations or if there is any other suggestion, the user can submit feedback by clicking on this icon.

  • Send Email:- The “Send Email” button functionality in GPTfy allows users to initiate email actions directly from the console. When the “Send Email” button is clicked, a pop-up window appears, displaying the content of the response within the email body.

  • Create Task: This process generates a task associated with the corresponding account, and the resulting response is appended to the comment field.

  • Copy: Copies the response to your clipboard.

  • Expand/Collapse: Expands or collapses the response screen.

  • How it Works: This feature provides users with customizable functionality during prompt creation, allowing them to include specific details in the “How it Works” field. Subsequently, when the user executes the respective prompt and clicks on the “How it Works” link, a pop-up will display the content previously added by the user.
  • Users will see the ‘i’ icon, which is help text, right next to the Run GPTfy button in the screenshot below.

This will be added when the user adds the description while creating the prompt. Users can provide descriptions detailing the purpose of the prompt and the specific requests the AI makes.

This is how users can efficiently interact with GPTfy Console for AI-powered functionality within Salesforce object records.