GPTfy Licenses

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Updated on April 10, 2024

GPTfy offers users three distinct license options: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Upon initial installation of the GPTfy, users are granted a complimentary Starter License, which allows up to 70 callouts per user per month.

To check the license after installing the GPTfy, navigate to the Cockpit and click on the AI Settings card.

This should show the ‘Starter’ license with 70 callouts per user/month.

Customers can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise by reaching out to us at

Paid customers will be provided with a license key. This key needs to be added, as shown below.

After adding the key, click on the Validate Key button. Upon successful validation, the paid license will show up in the license section with the active dates.

Refer to the following screenshot for more details.

To know more about what features are available per the license type, check out gptfy’s pricing.