Import/Export for Cards Configuration

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on April 10, 2024

What are Dynamic Cards?

  • GPTfy utilizes dynamic cards to represent AI models, AI catalogs, and API data sources.

  • These cards provide a visual interface for managing and interacting with these GPTfy components.

Cards Configuration Object:

  • All details associated with dynamic cards are stored in an object named “Cards Configuration.”

Export/Import Functionality:

  • GPTfy offers an export/import feature to facilitate sharing card configurations between organizations.

  • This eliminates the need to recreate cards from scratch in each organization.

Export Process:

  • Access the Cards Configuration list view.

  • Select the specific cards (AI models, data sources, or catalogs) you want to export.

  • Click the “Export” button.

  • Download the generated JSON file.

Import Process:

Now, go to the other org where you want to import these card configurations.

  • Go to card configurations and click on “Import”.
  • Upload the downloaded JSON file containing the exported card configurations.

  • Click “Upload.”
  • Upon successful upload, a confirmation message will appear.

Verifying Import:

  • Check the respective list views for AI Models, AI Catalogs, and API Data Sources to confirm the imported card configurations.

You’re good to go!