Release Notes 1.4 (Dec-2023)

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on March 26, 2024

Release Date: 22-Dec-2023

AppExchange Link: Download GPTfy

New Functionalities

Dynamic Card Creation

Introducing a powerful framework that empowers users to create personalized cards for AI Models, Catalog, and API Data Sources. Now, users can tailor their experience by crafting custom cards according to their preferences.

GPTfy Console on Chrome Plugin

Enhance your workflow with the new GPTfy console integration into the Salesforce plugin on Gmail. This feature enables users to seamlessly run GPTfy on specific prompts related to Salesforce records directly within the Gmail Salesforce plugin, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.

Clone Prompt

Now, easily replicate prompts and be redirected to the cloned record. The data context mapping associated with the prompt is also duplicated, providing a comprehensive replication experience.

Clone Data Context Mapping

Effortlessly clone data context mappings and seamlessly redirect users to the cloned record, ensuring a consistent and efficient mapping process.

Prompt Versioning

Introducing prompt versioning – a new version is created each time a user activates a prompt. Access all versions conveniently in the file info and retrieve comprehensive information about each version from the updated JSON.

Prompt Feedback

Facilitate user interaction by allowing feedback on generated responses using Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down. All feedback is seamlessly integrated into security audits related to the record.

Target Field

Unlock a new level of flexibility with the ability to store AI responses in a target field, tailoring the storage of information according to your specific needs.


Cockpit – Quality Insights Dashboard

Explore the enhanced Cockpit featuring the Quality Insights Dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of your AI models and their performance.

Usage Tracking

Take control of Usage Tracking, accumulating valuable data by role (user) and department. Gain insights into the utilization patterns and optimize your resources accordingly.

GPTfy Connection Renamed

To better reflect its purpose, the GPTfy Connection is now renamed “GPTfy (Open AI),” aligning the plugin with its powerful Open AI capabilities.