Run GPTfy in Salesforce Gmail Plugin

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Kalanithi Balasubramanian

Updated on June 4, 2024

This feature allows the user to run GPTfy via the Salesforce plugin on Gmail. This helps the user to run a particular prompt on a salesforce record on the Gmail salesforce plugin, which is related to an email.

Step-by-step procedure for configuring GPTfy on Gmail Salesforce Plugin as follows.


  • Enable Enhanced Email for Gmail in Salesforce. Follow this article for more help.

  • Download and install the Salesforce extension from the Chrome Web store. Follow this article for more help.

  • Connect the Gmail plugin with a salesforce org by logging into it.

  • A Data Context Mapping and an active Prompt exist for the object.

  • Make sure a Visualforce page for the object is available. A Visualforce page for account objects has been added to the package.

Configuration Steps

Step 1: Open any Salesforce Record

  • Log in to your Salesforce org.

  • Navigate to any Salesforce record. For Example, you can open an account record.

Step 2: Access the Lightning Page Editor

  • Click on the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the page.

  • From the dropdown menu, select “Edit Page.” This action will launch the Lightning Page Editor.

Step 3: Add GPTfy Console

  • In the Page Editor, on the left-hand side, locate the custom component named “GPTfy Console (Mobile)”.

  • Drag and drop the “GPTfy Console (Mobile)” onto the details section of the page.

Step 4: Add ‘AISalesforceExtensionAccountVF’ Visualforce page to account layout

  • Open Account page layout.
  • Add a section with single column above the account information section.
  • Click on the Visualforce pages on the left panel in the layout.

  • Drag and drop the ‘AISalesforceExtensionAccountVF’ on to the section that was created earlier.
  • Increase the height of the VF page by clicking the wrench icon and add preferred height value. Select show scrollbars
  • Click save.

Step 5: Run GPTfy from Gmail salesforce plugin

  • Link the org where GPTfy is installed, along with the salesforce Gmail Plugin, by logging into the org.

  • Open any account record, GPTfy console will be visible on the record page section created above.

  • Run any prompt by selecting any prompt from the dropdown and clicking the Run GPTfy button.
  • GPTfy runs, and a response from AI is shown on the console.
  • AI response record created, will have a hyperlink when clicked, and will land in the salesforce record page.

  • Once the Zoom-in icon is clicked, a new page opens inside Salesforce that will only show the response inside the console.

  • Copy option is also provided, for easy copying and pasting of any response generated.